I just arrived back from a whirlwind trip to  Penland School of Crafts.

It is a remarkable, inspiring, and beautiful place. I found that here was something for each moment of the day and the time went by much too quickly.  Maggie insists that we are going back next year.  Indeed, we will.

In our few days, I found a place to sit,

to dream,

to breathe,

and lots of doors to open.

I will be teaching a two-week class there next summer on “Experiments in Hand-Sewing: A Study on Alabama Studio Sewing + Design.”

Class registration opens in January 2012.


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  1. Natalie N

    I absolutely adore Penland! I am so glad you will teach there next summer, its like craft/ art heaven in the mountains! so beautiful, peaceful, relaxing and lots of hard working people come together to make and learn.

    best, NN

  2. Julie Bowersett

    I have long-dreamed of going to Penland; this might be just the incentive I need.

    During my childhood I spent part of every summer on a tiny (1 acre) island in the middle of a freshwater lake in Eastern Maine. My youth was spent painting rocks, weaving potholders, knitting, stenciling, any art or craft that did not require electricity (the island has none). As an adult I vacation there as often as I can. I still paint rocks and knit but now also dye fabrics and hand bead (I beaded all of the lace for my wedding dress on that little island). The natural beauty, coupled with complete deprivation of modern distractions like the internet, make it the perfect place to let my creativity breathe and bloom.