There are so many computer and electronic device covers on the market today that are perfectly serviceable and will take you lots of places. I have avoided writing about these functional items for years; however, our babysitter made a version of the one shown above for her reading device and I was inspired to create our own Alabama Chanin version. I love the juxtaposition of materials that functionally protect the device and the hand-sewn detailing that make the piece personal.

Follow the instructions below to make your own cover:

Knit or crochet an inner padding layer in the desired size. It’s important to make the entire cover approximately 1/2″ smaller than the device you are inserting. Though you might think this is too small, keep in mind that knits stretch; by starting your cover a bit small, you will ensure a snug fit once you are finished. We used a silk and wool blend yarn with a double crochet for the body of the cover, a half-double for a small border around the body and a single crochet to join the seams together. Note that we left a 4″ overhang for the flap.

The completed crochet cover is then covered on both sides with our deep colored, medium weight 100% organic medium-weight cotton jersey that has been stenciled in Pearl Silver with our Angie’s Fall pattern.

Cut two rectangular pieces from stenciled cotton jersey fabric.  We made our rectangles  1/2″ smaller than our finished crochet piece to create the small border at the edges.

Pin rectangles carefully on each sides of your finished crochet cover.  Attach each side to a double strand of  Button Craft thread using a straight stitch. On the top edge, under the flap, we used a herringbone stitch across the opening to allow for extra stretchability when inserting our device.

Add a tie (follow instructions from Alabama Studio Style for our cotton jersey pulls) and your label.

Insert your device, tie it up,  and head to school (insert work, vacation, coffee shop).


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