This market bag is my (almost) constant companion. (When my daughter Maggie hasn’t filled it with toys or books.)

Beauty, simplicity, and what might be the perfect length handles keep it in heavy rotation.

So many have sprung up around the office that we’ve jokingly labeled it our “Alabama Briefcase.”

It’s just the right size for back-to-school, a meal’s worth of groceries from the farmer’s market, a day by the pool, or a light-weight carry-on.

Shown here in our Blue Organic Fabric, the bag is made from scraps of medium and dark indigo, stenciled with our Facets pattern and sewn with grey Button Craft thread.

Have a look at page 107 of Alabama Studio Style to see where it all started.



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  1. ela

    hoping to see some video from the Marfa workshop.
    oh the fabric, needles and thread and the traditions.
    question for the next Ecosalon article:
    tell us all about the stitchers who make the Alabama Couture.
    are they fourth generation seamstresses? do they each have a story about who taught them to sew, where and when. what are their favorite techniques? do they love scissors and threads? do they listen to gospel music while they sew? do they sew on the porch
    and love sweet tea?
    what is the very first thing they made with needle and thread?
    what sewing machines have they used? what are their favorite recipes? what would they most like to pass down to the generation that is very young right now? here’s to their beautiful, time honored work.