My daughter received a sandwich wrap similar to these for her birthday two years ago and it quickly became a treasured item in our household (Thank you Carrie and Michael).  So treasured, in fact, that we have almost worn it out.  With back-to-school this year, I realized that we need many of these in our kitchen – in fact, one for every day.

We used scraps of medium-weight 100% cotton jersey in ochre, light grey, and faded leaves from our studio to make the wraps pictured here.  They are lined with a PUL fabric (found at our local fabric store), but I have also used wax paper as a liner for a particularly messy sandwich.

To make your own:

Cut a 14″ x 14″ square of stenciled 100% cotton jersey and remove 2″ from each corner to create the octagon shape shown below.

Use your cut 14″ octagon shape as a pattern to cut an identical lining from a PUL coated fabric.

Pin the two layers together and blanket stitch all the way around the outside edge with Button Craft thread to join the two layers.  Add a cotton jersey pull from Alabama Studio Style to use as your closure.

Add sandwich, fold, tie with cotton jersey pulls and place in lunch bag.  (I wash mine in the sink each night as I am cleaning up the dishes and hang to dry.)

The good news is that you can also purchase these sandwich covers (and many more styles) directly from RolyPoly Crafts.

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  1. Tina Leigh

    These are great. We need a couple for our kitchen. I have been trying to finish the Reverse Applique Corset from ASB so I cannot start on one of these until I finish. I am wondering, if you have time to respond, what color you sprayed on the ochre wrap. It looks like a grey or light purple…? I am so excited that you are offering a medium weight jersey now. I plan on ordering some soon!!