“a rectangle of cloth
to wrap the baby, make the bed,
grace the meal and honour the guest,
to mop up a spill, encircle a waist,
screen the window and admit the breeze,
to proclaim a cause,
to tend the corpse…”

Gewn Egg, Second Skin, page 6.

India Flint’s new book – Second Skin – is equal parts beautiful (stunningly), moving and inspirational.  I don’t know India well, but she is the kind of person I would like to stand next to all day – soaking it in. Right now, I will have to make-do spending a day with her book.

From the inside cover:

“Almost from the moment of our birth, clothing acts as our second skin – yet we rarely consider where our clothes have come from and the effects they might have on the environment and ourselves.”

A woman after my own heart. Thank you to India for including a bit about our work at Alabama Chanin on pages 166-167.  We are honored to be included among such great textile artists.

 See more of India’s work here and, should you ever have a chance to take a workshop with her, jump to it!

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