50 ANS

I made it!  50 years old and going strong.

On my daughter Maggie’s birthday each year, I send (or do my best to send) an invitation to celebrate that includes the following text. Today, the invitation is for me:

“Join us in celebrating 50 years of life.

No presents please, plant a flower or a tree for me.”

Thank you for all your support for Alabama Chanin… and me.

As my father reminded me: “This is going to be the best decade of your life!”

P.S: For those of you who have been asking, my cleanse was a success – or should I say a beautiful and permanent change of lifestyle:  25 pounds lighter and I feel 10+ years younger.

Now, on to cleansing my life, home and studio! It is going to be a wabi-sabi life – starting today…

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  1. Paige Isom

    Happy Birthday and it’s good to read that your cleanse was a success. I want to try it. I will be 50 next year and want to lose weight and go “wabi sabi” too. I hope to celebrate my 50 years by going to your class at Penland. I hope that the 50s is the best decade!

  2. Liesl

    Happy birthday, Natalie! I hope this will be a great decade for you, full of joy and great things.

    I miss you and hope you’re well. We were just saying all sorts of good things about you at the Firehouse the other day–hope you’ll come visit again sometime soon.