I can’t recall exactly where, but I once read an article that instructed the reader to dress in layers when attending an event. You were to shed these layers very very slowly. The idea was to take off one piece every hour (give or take, depending on the duration and your tolerance) until you were down to an incredible, shoulder baring party frock.

If ever there were a garment made for such a display it would have to be our beaded crisscross top. Rarely does a piece manage to look so elegant and refined while retaining a bit of an edge.

Black-tie, dive bar, or for those up to a challenge: both in one night, all eyes are on you-guaranteed.

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  1. Laurence

    It does look wonderful. I saw it in the collection a few days ago but I was a bit disapointed to see there are no photos taken of the front. Obviously the back is the most interesting part, but it’s hard to picture without at least a front view!

  2. Catherine

    Natalie, I have attended one of your weekend workehops (loved it, changed my view on everything from recyeling to bar-be-que) and made several skirts, dresses, tunic’s a jacket and multiple failures…….BUT this garment, this top is……one of the best. BRAVO!! I look at this gorgeous item knowing that I can’t afford an orginal Alabama Chanin garment, but there is hope with the skills that I have learned from your books and an inner desire to seek the skills that my lovely ancestors possesed to make their own beauty with whatever they had back when beautirul fabric, detailed stitchery and even color were only possesed at an premium. Ok…..enough rambling, I am once again enlighted by a design that says….beauty. ……….Where is my thread!

    Catherine O’Connorf

    1. Alabama

      Hi, Claudia! It is wonderful to hear that even after several years, this is still one of your favorite tops. It was part of an older Collection and, I’m sorry to say, we did not release a pattern for it.

  3. carol

    Love this top too – it is one of my favorites. Please can you do a pattern & put it in your blog like you did the Marimekko tunic a few yrs back.