I have immersed myself in Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers over the last weeks and these three, short sentences on the nature of the universe (see pages 46-47) make me so happy:

1. All things are impermanent.

2. All things are imperfect.

3. All things are incomplete.

To me, this seems the essence of wabi-sabi.  When I read these, it is like I have been given the okay to just be me today, and every day.  Sigh, what a relief.

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  1. Rebecca West

    What a relief! Really. I hope I can remember to say these three sentences to myself until I “know” them in myself. Happy belated birthday by the way!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Molly de Vries

      Natalie, you are such an inspiration to me, thank you. I feel empowered to go forward with my dreams that happen to be a lot of work and worth every minute. Wabi sabi philosophy is natural to who I am and I love that your talking about how it it makes you feel like you can just be who you are. It makes me feel the same. Im looking forward to reading more.