One of our favorite places to visit – Refueled – has a beautiful new look. (And we are thrilled to be shown as a sponsor at the bottom of the page.)  While we were working on a project last month, I had a chance to catch up with Chris Brown – Refueled’s creator and creative director:

I know very little about you.  What do you do when you aren’t doing Refueled?

Refueled, Inc., encompasses a number of things: publishing, design and film. As creative director behind all three entities of the company, I keep quite busy on a daily basis. Refueled magazine is published bi-yearly, spring/summer and fall/winter. Developing features, working with contributors, collaborating with photographers, and hitting the road for ideas and inspiration never stops. Once an issue drops, I am knee-deep in the next.

Refueled Magazine is an online publication and since its start, I envisioned creating something that would add other elements to it – other dimensions – and so began Refueled Films. Refueled Magazine combines music, style and adventure. So it felt very natural to start shooting short films of musicians and style-makers and have those become a companion to the publication. The {Automatic Buzz} Film Series has featured musicians such as The Civil Wars, Dan Layus of Augustana, Eisley, William Fitzsimmons, Cory Chisel, and Erika Wennerstrom, to name a few. Alabama Chanin was one of the very first style brands to be featured in the series. We spent the Fourth of July in Alabama with you and your family/friends last year enjoying amazing food, live music from the Muscle Shoals area and talking about a lot of things on the front porch of your Uncle’s place.

Since the series has gained attention, myself and the series Director of Photography, Gustav Schmiege, have been asked to produce several other projects that are in various stages of production.

I constantly walk a fine line between my creative life and my personal/family one.

My friends consist of musicians, designers, style makers, models, surfers, skateboarders, publishers, producers, directors, artists, hoteliers and photographers, so the line definitely gets blurred a lot.

I have a very loving and supportive wife and two young daughters that help keep me grounded. I cherish the time we have together. On my off time, you can find me and the girls skateboarding, surfing and, most recently, learning the ukulele. Luckily my wife and I find times to sneak off to our favorite sushi joint and catch up on life.

What inspired you to start Refueled?

Music has always played a very important part in my life. Design and style too. So the combination of these elements happened naturally. Refueled has always been about sharing the things I dig – people, style, music. Each issue of the magazine is like an entry in my personal journal. Refueled grew throughout the years. I constantly tweaked and changed until I felt I had the vibe, look and feel. The last three issues are the ones I am most proud of. They are what I envisioned the magazine to be, for it to represent. I’m really lucky to be surrounded by such incredible talent.

Where do you find the time to do it?

As a child, my father instilled a strong work ethic in me, my brother and sisters. For this I am truly grateful. It taught us all that nothing in life is handed to you. Working hard and creating my own destiny has been my goal throughout my life. To get up every morning and get to do what I love is a blessing.

Looking forward to seeing Chris in Marfa and Austin this coming weekend and week!

Photo: courtesy of Refueled by Allison V. Smith & Gustav Schmiege


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  1. Pamela Tuohy Novinsky

    Natalie, thanks for turning the tables on Chris! Wonderful to read about what makes Chris tick! 2ETN is honored to be featured in this last edition of Refueled and we are looking forward to our continued support of Chris’ s vision!

    Wishing you huge joy in Marfa! We had the pleasure of going last year and are sad to missing it this year with you, Chris and Gail Chovan of Blackmail (and thrilled that she will be bringing some of our jewelry with her!).

    Pam 2ETN