For those of you have participated in our past weekend workshops, there is a good chance that you have already met June Flowers. (The name belies the tattooed fireball of a woman in our studio who is equally adept with computers, flower arranging, and power washing.) If you’ve signed up for an upcoming workshop then you’ve probably exchanged a few emails with her; if you’re hosting a workshop or providing the space for one of our events, you’ve probably exchanged 50+ emails, including pictures of kids, dogs, and favorite garments.

June is our Special Events Coordinator and you’ll soon learn more about her in our series, “The Heart,” which introduces you to our Alabama Chanin team. In addition to organizing our workshops, June will also begin regularly contributing to our journal, especially while we’re out keeping the roads hot. Keep an eye out for her posts and let her know if there’s something you’d like to see. Feel free to reach out should you have questions about any of our events and upcoming projects, or if she can help in any way. You can email her: office (at) alabamachanin.com or call the studio: +1.256.760.1090

Earlier this week, I overheard this conversation between June and Kay, our Special Sales Coordinator:

“No, not this year. Next November…that’s already sold out”

“Wait, what are you talking about? California or Colorado?”

“Neither, I’m working on North Carolina…I meant to say July.”

I close my eyes, take a breath and relax. I have a great team and I trust them wholeheartedly.

You can see that our calendar is becoming increasingly busier and that we are getting ready to set out on the road again. We have some great adventures coming up in the next months, all the way up to the spring launch of our new book, Alabama Studio Sewing + Design. June has been working diligently over the last months on our all of our upcoming workshops and events.

I am excited about the incredible places we have been invited to visit, exhibitions where our work is included and fantastic people and artists coming to visit our studio. I hope that you will be able to join us at one of the many locations.

Our workshops are filling up much more quickly than ever before and, while we will always do our best to accommodate as many guests as possible, we ask that you register early if your heart is set on a specific date or city. We feel terrible when we have to turn away people who can’t make it to a specific date or event because we simply haven’t enough space.

June says:

“If things continue as they are, we’ll be making the rounds and visiting more cities than ever before. If we wind up in the wrong town, on the wrong day, in the wrong year, I will let everyone know ASAP! I hope airport security doesn’t frown upon impromptu sewing circles.”


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  1. Diana from San Francisco

    Thrilled that you are coming to Berkeley. Kinda feels like being a little kid and waiting for Santa, the tooth fairy and Disneyland all wrapped up in one event.

  2. Pam

    I notice most of your workshops are either south or west. Any chance you might schedule something in the Northeast. I would love to attend one of your workshops and I have several friends that are interested. I don’t know what you need for a commitment but I pretty sure it would be met.

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