Thanks to all the HEATH Ceramics team for this lovely piece on Alabama Chanin in their November Newsletter:

Slowing Down (and Sitting Down) with Alabama Chanin

Stitch and clay intersect to create modern heirlooms in our newest collection

Slow down. This may feel like an impossible pursuit, particularly in this season, but when Heath Ceramics Creative Director Catherine Bailey explained that one of the intentions of Heath’s collaboration with Owner + Designer Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin was to “celebrate slow, thoughtful design,” the word really resonated.

Slow design? Perhaps it sounds a little less strange when you think of the concept in terms of food, e.g., the slow food movement; or perhaps, more specifically, in terms of the tomatoes you grew on your patio and waited months for, and how they tasted better than any tomato you’ve ever bought at a grocery store.

In other words: good things come to those who wait.

In this case it is our newest dinnerware line — the Alabama Chanin Collection. What began as a friendship and a mutual admiration for one another’s values, craft and aesthetic has turned into something tangible and beautiful. Something that celebrates the honesty of materials… with a translation of thread and stitch to clay and glaze.

View the collection here. The photographs are gorgeous, and to see (and feel) these hand-etched pieces in person is to truly understand the commitment that has gone into each and every plate and bowl.  So stop in and say hello.

Read the full HEATH November Newsletter here.


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