There has been such a buzz around the studio these last weeks as we prepare for the holidays. So much buzz, in fact, that I have not really had time to sit down with our new book,  Alabama Studio Sewing + Design. Last night, I remedied that with a quiet house, a  cocktail, and my “comfy chair,” as my daughter Maggie calls it.
I wrote last August about the process of writing this book and the moment of awaiting proofs from the publisher, but it seems like I just batted my eyes and the book is lying in my lap.
I’ve had time to recover since writing that post. I am once again in the studio and have – once again – been pulled away from the book and into other projects.  Much like giving birth, it seems that the pain of delivery subsides as you move away from the actual moment of delivery and on to holding that growing life. Not to compare my book with a new life BUT, when Alabama Stitch Book first came out,  my editor, Melanie Falick, said “the best part of writing a book is watching that book come to life in the hands of another.” It’s true. I experience that exact feeling as I sit here today and write this post. While the book is not a life, it does take on a life of its own. Today, I am the proud mama of a 1 pound, glowing book.
So, without further ado, here you find photographs of some of my favorite spreads in the book, Alabama Studio Sewing + Design. You will notice that I have included instructions and patterns for some of our favorite collection pieces. You can find the book on-the-shelves by mid-February (good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise – as we like to say in the South).
DIY Kits, fabrics, and other goodies will begin to appear in our online store over the next weeks. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say… xoNatalie 


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  1. shriv

    Hi Natalie,
    Your DIY and design philosophy has been a major factor in the way I now treat my consumables. I am the proud owner of both your books and several of your clothes that I have made by hand with a humble needle and thread. I love the downtime that sewing and embellishing by hand gives me and I am constantly learning how to curb my impatience when it comes to making something from scratch. I am eagerly awaiting the third book to teach me more of your lovely embellishment and design techniques and I am very excited to put them to use and continue expanding my handmade wardrobe.
    My heartfelt thanks to you and your team for all your efforts in communicating something so special and beautiful to the world-wide public!

    1. Valerie Mourat

      Hello Nathalie
      I’m looking forward to reading your new book, the other two sit close by, ready to plunge into when the need arises. Thank you for such an inspirational philosophy. When are you coming to southern France, I’d love to see your beautiful clothes with my own eyes?!!

  2. Susan C.

    I am so excited for your new book — and, that I’ll be at your show and in your workshop here in NOLA on Saturday!

  3. britt

    ohhhhhh! i am sooooo excited to see this new book! your other books sit by my bed and inspire me everyday. i flip through them often eventhough i think that i have memorized every word. thank you so much for sharing with us what it is that you do!!

  4. Sohn

    I can’t wait for your new book to arrive! I adore your designs and philosophy. Heartfelt thanks and appreciation for being so generous in sharing your ideas, and providing a beautiful source of inspiration. Eagerly awaiting to see what new DIY kits will become available, hope there will be some for men and boys shirts!

  5. Carolina Ellis

    I pre-ordered the book, Natalie, and this post is more than I can handle. I don’t think I can wait as long as I am going to have to for your book to arrive. From now until it arrives, I will be searching for a drool bucket – looks like I am going to need to get one because those photos are to die for. I have been crossing my fingers that you would include instructions for some of the collection pieces. My wish has come true.

  6. Moushka

    All your books are gems but this one is the jewel in the crown, an surfeit of gorgeousness. I’m preparing to make a summer dress and can’t wait to get started. Thank you, Natalie, for so generously sharing your beautiful designs and craft with us.