From page 10 of Alabama Studio Sewing + Design:

“Stenciling is a cornerstone of both our design process and our business model. We use stencils as tools to transfer decorative patterns onto projects like dresses, skirts, and pillows. The stenciled patterns are then used by our artisans as guides for positioning embroidery and beading. Because the stencils so effectively guide the design, our artisans don’t need to work in our studio. Rather, they can work independently as individual business owners when and where they want, scheduling their work time as they like.

Over the years, we have worked with more than four hundred different stencil designs.”

After a while, we began to name some of our designs after friends (Angie’s Fall) and colleagues (Abbie’s Flower). Our June Flowers Steadman, lends her name to this design, June’s Spring.

The June’s Spring pattern is highlighted in Chapter 8 of  Alabama Studio Sewing + Design, entitled “Fabric + Fabric Maps.” It is gorgeous when used for simple embroidery or in the full-on beaded version.

Get both our June’s Spring stencil and Alabama Studio Sewing + Design from our online store.



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  1. BrigittaV

    Ten years later and I still can’t get this lovely pattern out of my mind. I love how it seems so random, spontaneous, and joyous. I finally pulled the trigger and bought it!!