I am so excited about the launch of Alabama Studio Sewing + Design. The book includes some of our very best garment patterns to-date and I can’t wait to see how the stencils, patterns, and designs work their way into DIY projects.

The long skirt pattern that is included in the book has become my staple go-to skirt for everyday living and night life for almost a year now. I have variation in black with embroidery and several basic versions in pink, ochre, and a beautiful turquoise color that we tie-dyed in the washing machine by just letting the dye bath sit unattended for a few hours.

I have loved these pieces from spring to summer and through the fall and into winter, because I can wear my sturdy stockings underneath on the coldest days and with socks and my new Billy Reid boots every other day.

This long silhouette with a small train has become a staple in nearly every collection we do at Alabama Chanin. Depending on how it’s embellished and accessorized, it can be worn as everything from eveningwear to a beach cover-up. The train on the back of the skirt is 4″ longer than the front hem, measuring about 40½” from the waist to the front hem and 44½” from the waist to the back train, depending on the size.

The skirt pictured at the top is my newest love – just come to live in my closet. It is made with our Bloomers stencil from Alabama Stitch Book in Earth colored 100% organic cotton jersey and worked using the negative reverse appliqué technique from Alabama Studio Sewing + Design (shipping around the middle of February) in our Brown #51 Button Craft thread.  The negative reverse appliqué looks like traditional appliqué but is worked similarly to reverse appliqué. This technique is explained fully in the book but is accomplished by stitching 1⁄8″ inside the edge of the stenciled shape (rather than directly on the edge of the stenciled shape) and then cutting away the top layer of fabric 1⁄8″ outside the edge of the stenciled shape.

Instructions for the Long Skirt start on page 60 of Alabama Studio Sewing + Design; however, those of you who have been using our techniques and patterns for some time should have no trouble in the final construction.

Since I can’t wait for the book to come out, we are offering this skirt as a DIY Kit starting today. Now available from our Online Store: the DIY Long Bloomers Skirt Kit.

P.S.: I am also making a Bloomers Long Skirt for myself in Carmine colored 100% organic cotton jersey to wear on Valentine’s Day (and, of course, the rest of the year).

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  1. Bobbi Jo

    As someone who wears skirts exclusively, I can’t tell you how happy I am to know that the pattern for this one is in the new book!

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