Our local bakery—called Sugarbakers—makes the most beautiful cakes. I personally think of them as “old-timey,” because they remind me of my childhood birthday cakes with white buttercream frosting and plenty of scallops and swags.

Here is a beautiful cake they recently made for me for a special occasion using a “stitched” Anna’s Garden pattern on the top. I think that this would make such a beautiful wedding cake (or birthday, or shower, or anniversary).

We traced and cut a round stencil of our Anna’s Garden pattern that would just fit on the top of the cake.

After the cake was cooked, cooled, and iced, a toothpick was used to “etch” the round stencil pattern into the butter cream icing. Afterwards, stitched lines were piped around each shape with a pastry bag and small nozzle.

The cake tastes great. And while I don’t have their exact recipe, it reminds me of this recipe for Cupcakes Supreme and the same delicious buttercream icing. The recipe is most definitely from The Magnolia Bakery Cookbook—which has a lovely, delicious, and fool-proof recipe for Traditional Vanilla Birthday Cake on page 60 and the perfect Traditional Vanilla Buttercream on page 83 (along with many other great recipes).

*Cake shown on Heath Ceramics Rim Line plates in white and served on our Alabama Chanin + Heath Ceramics hand-etched Salad Plate.

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