I’m almost certain she’s the coolest person I’ve never met.

Several pieces of evidence have led me to this conclusion; the first is this article from the NY Times and the second was probably the conference call that spurred our upcoming Visiting Artist event. Natalie and I were hunched over the speaker phone in my office exchanging ideas about “loom rooms,” home-made bitters, and interactive art exhibits with a very agreeable Levine.

She ended the call saying she had to open her art gallery/skate shop a few blocks away.

I have emailed Faythe three times with different flight itineraries (thank you, major airline carrier that shall remain nameless), as they keep changing without warning: I have received nothing but kind words and understanding – remarkable stuff.

The more I learn about Faythe and Handmade Nation (originally a film and then a book of the same name), the more I look forward to her arrival.

Faythe will join us @ The Factory on Thursday, April 12, for our Visiting Artist Series, an event complete with traditional Old Fashioneds (thanks to the Van Winkle family) + home-made bitters, interactive crafting, and a group discussion.

The following morning from 10:00 am to noon, Faythe will conduct a seminar about craft and brand development, which is limited to 25 guests. The event is perfect for anyone working to reach the next level in product and brand development. $60 includes conversation, refreshments, a signed copy of Handmade Nation, an Alabama Chanin Journal and Organic Tote Bag.

Learn more about Faythe @ Faythe’s blog.


Watch the Handmade Nation trailer.

The opening sequence is brilliant.


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  1. jonn

    Faythe Levine does appear fascinating, informatiive, and talented from what limited knowledge i have of her and her work-admittedly i have not had the exposure to her that some of you at AC have had-trying to fit 4.12.12 into my schedule

    June i think it was brave to openly state you want to be friends with her; not because she would not be a terrific friend but to lay your vulnerability on the line-kudos to you for being courageous and stating your feelings-i admire you and people with courage-“I’m almost certain you and all the people I met at AC are the coolest people I’ve ever met!”