A big THANK YOU to Vogue for including our hand-sewn Indigo Star Quilt in this month’s issue.

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  1. jonn

    Adele on the cover of the March 2012 issue of Vogue made for an instantaneous no-brainer impulse purchase; i read Vogue sporadically-LOVED the article on Adele and found the credit to Alabama Chanin with the quilt pic a sweet surprise/BONUS!

    Have not read the issue cover to cover, but have seen the work of several designers where, in my opinion, a case could be made for some having an Alabama Chanin influence and/or flavor-flattering to AC but none as beautiful as any piece of AC design.

    Natalie, you and your company inspire the lives of many people in diverse ways-how fortunate for all of us that have been exposed to you, your company, and your culture-“thank you!”

    1. Alabama

      Thank you for your comment! Unfortunately, we do not have a pattern available for this quilt. However, our Design Team will be happy to hear that you love it so!