Whether you plan to purchase a DIY kit or make a garment from the Alabama Studio Book Series, we suggest that you keep a set of our medium-weight organic cotton color cards on hand. The cards show you what our fabric colors look like in person so that you can choose the exact shades that are right for your projects. They also make it easier to choose corresponding thread, notions, and bead colors.

I keep a set of color cards for inspiration and to mix and match my materials before starting a design project. With 50 colors of organic cotton jersey to choose from, even the most seasoned designer can benefit from a visual aide.

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    1. June

      Hi Tina,
      The code will ship with your color card. If you would prefer to use it sooner just send us an email (Office@alabamachanin) an we’ll get you fixed up.

  1. Karen K.

    Crazy as it sounds, I’ve actually started making my own color cards from several of your scrap bags that I’ve purchased. Purchasing a set would really be alot easier!