After our fall visit to the Southern Foodways Alliance Symposium, we learned about the South’s Forgotten Locavores, market bulletins, and how these newsletters helped heirloom varieties of vegetables and plants survive generations.

We subscribed to Alabama’s Farmers and Consumers Bulletin shortly thereafter and are happy to report that we received our first issue just in time for spring cultivation. Old- timey Tennessee Red Cob Corn and Cow Horn Okra will be great additions to my garden.

Or perhaps we will do some guerrilla gardening around The Factory. I think some Old Southern Apple trees and fig trees would produce a nice bounty for an afternoon snack. What do you think?

If anyone is interested in exchanging seeds for fabric scraps please let us know.

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  1. Ashley Boccuti

    This, as well as your post on the South’s forgotten locavores, inspired me so much that I have ordered some heirloom seeds and will be trying my hand at gardening for the very first time! I’ll be planting heirloom varieties of watermelon, cabbage, carrots, and two kinds of Native American squash. I’ll have extra seeds too, if you’d like me to send y’all some!

    1. June

      We would love to try our hand at those extra seeds!
      You’ll have to take home some fabric when you visit The Factory for the May workshop. Sounds like you’ll need lots of ties for those vegetables.

      THANK YOU!