Organic cotton is the heart of Alabama Chanin. It binds all aspects of the company: sustainability, fashion, DIY, and craft. All of our garments- couture or DIY- are made with these naturally grown fibers. We have examined the influence cotton has had on our community. We have thought about its global impact. We have voiced our concerns.

I have spent countless hours contemplating major business decisions because I feel it is vital to my own ethical truths and the philosophy of our company to buy and sell only organic cotton. But, we have our own supply chain issues that affect commitment to organic cotton (more to come on this very soon).

It feels like the next logical step in this journey is to explore EXACTLY what it takes to grow organic cotton locally. This is just one more way we can increase our commitment to sustainability. Our artisans live locally. I eat locally. So why not try to understand cotton farming locally? It makes good sense.

Follow us over the next months (and years) as we try to find our way from the studio to the fields. Organic cotton is, after all, a part of the heart and soul of this community- and Alabama Chanin.


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  1. Kim Bennett

    My college roommate’s family owned a cotton farm near Kosciusko, Ms. I always wanted her to turn it into a B&B so I could teach people where their Dockers came from. Alas that was many years ago. She sent me some seeds to try growing my own but there is a very good reason why Oregon is not a cotton state. I guess I will have to be content to purchase my cotton from you. Think about selling the fiber also. I love spinning cotton.