As I flip through the pages of this gorgeous book, I am captured by the beauty and magnitude of the universe. It makes me feel small.

However, I know in my heart that the work that we are doing makes a difference. I am grateful that through the workshops and lectures, we are able to travel and share our stories and ideas.

More importantly, we meet so many people who teach us. Because of the book series, website, and this blog we are able to share that wealth of knowledge and to connect across the globe. Maybe we are not so small.

As Einstein said, in so many words, “It’s all relative.”



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    1. Amber

      I just saw this TED conference video about String Theory and had a fun instinctive association with Alabama Chanin as you’ve been on my mind a lot lately. I don’t claim to understand physics even roughly but even on my humble lay person level there’s certainly something poetic about the terminology and images it gives us. As both a stringed instrument player and ardent fiber/textile enthusiast, it’s exciting to think about the the building blocks of matter not being blocks at all but quite possibly infinitesimally small quivering strings/thread in dimensions we have yet to discover…