As we continue to explore the design elements that make up Alabama Studio Sewing + Design, we look at the simple, but incredibly beautiful Spiral pattern. This pattern is reminiscent of both our Circle Applique and Kristina’s Rose treatments, but this particular design stands out largely due to its use for an entirely new application- Alabama Fur. It is often said that you have to see and touch our garments to fully appreciate them, and the countless knots and tails that follow this classic curve usually illicit the most response.

The spiral can be found in ancient symbolism, carved into prehistoric stone monuments, Celtic mazes, and even roof tiles dating back to the Tang Dynasty. The graceful line is seen in numerous natural elements, from edges of nautilus shells to the tips of each of our fingers. We can witness the spiral in sweeping, complex systems such as our own galaxy or in the margins of notebooks- a classic and often repeated doodle.

Spirals can be hypnotic. Swirling circles let us know the subject is under a spell, or transported to another plane. We concede that with our Spiral pattern, this might just be the case.


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      1. Karen B

        I decided to try my hand at making something in Alabama Fur. I am working on a simple 72 X 25 wrap. I love the process…it certainly takes a very long time to create this look!

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