Spending the past couple of days in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve seen firsthand the “making” spirit that defines the unique culture and character of life here. Alabama Chanin feels very connected to–and inspired by the creativity, craftsmanship, quality, and local manufacturing in this community.

Watch Monocle’s video which highlights some of the craftsmen and advocates that are pushing the maker movement ahead:  SFMade, New Resource Bank, and HEATH Ceramics.

From Make, Do, Change:

“ …that creativity is very strongly back to appreciating good craftsmanship and quality in physical objects, and the idea that making products and working with your hands is something to be respected…”

-Robin Petravic, of HEATH Ceramics.


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  1. suzzanne woods

    Good Morning,

    This is my first comment after having been a fan of Alabama Chanin for over a year. I am in the process of reorganizing/rebalancing my life. Putting my ceramics & textile & “making” activities above my day job (which I also love but it’s time to let go). My partner and I are in the process of insulating the garage so it will serve as a ceramics studio ( in Iowa at least for 3 seasons). And I am creating a space for painting on “upcycled” fabrics – larger and nicer than the temporary space I have been using.

    The “Make, Do, Change” video is beautifully inspiring and so very intelligent. Just what was needed this morning as I face the tasks of cleaning and setting up our new creative spaces.

    Once again, I thank you Natalie & the Alabama Chanin staff,

    Gratefully, Suzzanne Woods (Fairfield, IA)

  2. Celeste

    Hi Natalie – I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the workshop last weekend. It was so special and you gave so much of your heart and life to the group. I loved hearing you speak and share the lessons you have learned. I look forward to seeing you again along the way…