Having seen Maria Moyer’s recently-released collaboration with West Elm, I can’t help but visualize which surfaces in my home and at the Factory will best display the porcelain vases and tea lights. I’m certain there will be quite a few.

As a sculptor, Maria appreciates the ‘craft’ behind the design, which translates beautifully into her work. There’s a lovely purity of form paired with incredible attention to detail in each piece.

“The Plankton Series” is inspired by the beauty of nature, specifically microscopic plankton- the foundation of the Earth’s food chain- found in the ocean. Because of Maria’s love of the ocean, 5% of the purchase price will benefit Oceana, a non-profit organization protecting the world’s oceans. How great is that?

Congratulations Maria, a dear friend and colleague, on these beautiful creations. And THANK YOU for including us on your list of favorite artists and designers!

Visit the West Elm website to purchase Maria’s pieces and add her beautiful objects to your own home. And of course, visit her website to view more of her inspiring work.


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