For a small company in a small town, we’ve received quite a bit of media attention. This is particularly amazing when you consider our nonexistent advertising budget. With the exception of a couple of classified listings in our local paper, I can’t recall having ever purchased an ad. Even though we have been fortunate in this particular area I can say, without a doubt, that our approach would have been different had I read this book sooner.

Amy Flurry’s Recipe for Press has been called “THE DIY guide to being your own publicist!” and I couldn’t agree more.

With tips on how to anticipate, craft, and pitch appropriate press releases as well as advice on who you should be pitching to, this book is an absolute necessity for any small business. We love the easy-to-follow diagrams, pertinent advice, and beautiful illustrations. We’re also terribly flattered that an image from a recent Alabama Chanin collection made the grade, and was included as an example of effecting branding.

Accounts from Hugh Acheson, Amy Butler, David Butler, Rebecca Wood, and Kara Larson add extra insight and inspiration.  The culmination of these distinct voices really made me stop and think about what drives press, success, and public interest.

Filled with useful info, practical advice, and valuable lessons in etiquette, this book is the next best thing to hiring a publicist. Consult this first if you have a story to tell.



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  1. Amy Flurry

    Thank you so much for these kind words about my book!. As a freelance magazine writer for 15 years I’ve seen plenty of great overproducts with passionate people behind them fail to get the attention they needed to succeed. Those, like you, that I included in Recipe for Press go about building relationships with editors in a very thoughtful way and that approach was very much worth sharing.

  2. June

    You are too kind. It was our pleasure!
    We may be ordering another soon.
    The office copy is already dog-eared and beaten half to death.
    We can’t wait for the follow-up…