In anticipation of our Visiting Artist Series with Faythe Levine, I’ve been reading through a weaving book that was re-discovered on our newly organized book shelves.

Weaving Without a Loom is the kind of book that summarizes a ‘living art’ that has periodically made appearances in stages of my life. (Sewing has had a constant presence.) Perhaps for others it’s knitting, pottery, or any combination of craft. I remember weaving with yarn and Popsicle sticks in elementary school- just as Maggie is doing now. I remember such joy when I completed my first crochet purse one summer vacation. We purchased a large floor loom last year with the intention of weaving rag rugs; however, the loom has yet to be warped and this has proven to be an intimidating task for me. (Anyone want to come and warp it for us?)

June has been testing her favorite weaving methods to share with everyone. Using our cotton ropes on a cardboard loom, she has been experimenting with different patterns to make colorful necklaces and bracelets.

We will share and up-cycle our abundance of cotton-jersey scraps with our guests– along with many other crafting supplies – at the upcoming event and look forward to being inspired and share conversation over moving hands and cocktails. Weaving Without a Loom will be available-along with Handmade Nation and many more books from our Studio Library-for crafting inspiration.

We hope you can make it to the Factory this Thursday @ 7pm for Anyone Can Craft. Our interactive exhibition and open conversation is free and open to the public. Please visit our events page for more details. We also have some spots left for our Friday Seminar with Faythe.

Expect a night full of warping and wefting at the Factory: a loom room, interactive crafts, and many more activities to suit your creative fancy (not to mention Faythe’s favorite cocktail: The Old-Fashioned). All are the perfect combinations to go along with DIY stories and lots of laughter.


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  1. jonn

    First i feel the need to express gratitude for the 2012 Easter weekend @ AC and the area being less chaotic and safer than 2011 and not a repeat – thankful you are all safe

    June’s examples of weaving without a loom are truly beautiful and inspiring – definitely will investigate the book

  2. Louise Farant

    I love this book! I was consdering using the Tshirt ties for making chair seats using rug canvas as a base (app. 4 squares to an inch). Got the idea from a purse-making class. Was going to weave them in and out of the canvas and see what I got.

    Good luck in the warping. Were I closer, I’d come help.

  3. June


    We are so excited about this possibility! I’ll give you a call early next week (after we’ve recovered from all of the upcoming events -smile) and hopefully we can work out the details.