Living in a community that has an abundance of farmland and agriculture, one might not think that ‘guerrilla gardening’ is exactly required. However, like any community, The Shoals is dotted with the occasional abandoned lot and neglected space in our downtown area. And we are of the opinion that most any space can benefit from the addition of colorful flowers.

During my visit to Berlin for the Hello Etsy conference, I noticed an abundance of green spaces and gardens that were situated on vacant lots throughout the city.

While at the conference, I had the pleasure of hearing Marco Clausen, co-founder of Nomadic Green, speak about their concept of urban farming- a common practice in Cuba that was adapted within the city of Berlin. The result was Guerrilla Gardening at its best.

Globally, guerrilla gardeners carry on the activism that Liz Christy and the Green Guerrillas put into motion in the 1970s NYC Bowery. Perhaps a global resurgence is necessary as our world’s Metropolises continue to grow into megalopolises.

So today, for our Wednesday Recipes, we create a DIY project for our community. Though not quite edible at first, these seeds balls, or seed “bombs”, contain wildflower seeds that beautify our community. We plan on adding vegetable seeds to feed our community, and birdseeds to feed our flying friends.

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  1. india flint

    i love Berlin…when i was there last May it just seemed as though Nature was taking over the city
    for a moment i thought
    if people slept in for a couple of days
    they might find themselves in a tangle of roses
    when they awoke