Thank you to everyone who braved the rain and came out last night for MAKESHIFT at the Standard Talks. On behalf of myself and all of the panelists, we appreciate everyone’s enthusiastic response to MAKING.

It was a beautiful evening. As a group, we crafted a song and sang together, finger-knitted, and shared our ‘worn stories.’ Throughout the day, we will share some of our MAKESHIFT moments here.

Andrew Wagner, our charismatic MC, led the discussion at The Standard Talks. His team at Krrb created an accompanying video of the participants, which played throughout the evening as we discussed our work and how MAKING is an integral part of all creative, design, and fashion industries.

Check back today as we continue to recap the night.

Comment with your ideas and thoughts, and use #MAKESHIFT2012 across social media platforms to continue the conversation.

Again, thank you to all of our panelists and guests. Look for much more to come from MAKESHIFT this week!

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