We had the best intentions of posting lots of pictures and stories from our Makeshift event yesterday and the day just got away from us. There IS so much more to come and to write about, but for the meantime, here some great pictures of the making process at The Standard East Village on Tuesday night.  More to come soon… xoNatalie

Join us for our Crafted Fashion pop-up shop tonight at the Billy Reid store 6pm-until at 54 Bond Street in New York City, with a performance by Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Tift Merritt at 8pm.

 The beautiful Maria Cornejo talked about making as a way to build a brand.

Beads from Heath Ceramics were given to each of the Makeshift guests to incorporate into their “making.”

The sweet- and amazing designer- Tina Lutz who came into New York for the event. (Come to Alabama soon, Tina!)

Photographer: Peter Stanglmyr

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  1. makale

    this evening’s conversations are still rolling out at our place, natalie. i just heard an interview with james livingston (author of “against thrift”) on doug henwood’s radio show, ‘behind the news’. james spoke of the fetishism of production + making. he related it to hegelian, marxist + protestant traditions where identity + self- value are only established in relationship to work – to making. that yes, there’s something about the production of an object that is related to the production of the self, but we also come to know ourselves and others in precisely the same way as we obtain and use goods. a nice extension of the bridge b/t design and making re: heath. so community retail/local watering holes, etc. i appreciate the ways you bring community into not just AC’s production, but also in the ways AC sells its goods and creates community of people who wear your clothing, use your books to make their own, etc. speaks to making but also radically kinder commerce. *much, and more, makalé xo

    1. Alabama Post author

      Makale! Thank you so much for this beautiful story… Makeshift has been such a beautiful way of connecting on SO MANY levels… xoNatalie