A few weeks ago, we took to the streets of Florence to spread wildflower seeds guerrilla-style. We tossed our homemade seed “bombs”, seed encapsulated clay balls, into alleys and onto vacant areas – hoping to add more color and beauty to our community.

With the amount of rain that we have been receiving lately, every growing thing has been sprouting up and up toward the sky. Yesterday, retraced our steps to see if our dispersed wildflowers were making progress. There were no full blooms yet; however, we are starting to see small dots of the color purple in Olivia’s yard.

While I traveling through California last month for our One-day Retreat, I stopped by HEATH Ceramics studio for an event called “Shop. Talk. Stitch.” In front of their studio sat a repurposed gum ball machine meant to sell seed bombs to passersby. Though Florence, Alabama, isn’t as urbanized as certain parts of California, we have plenty of street traffic in certain neighborhoods. I can’t help but want to purchase one of these ‘Seed Bomb’ vending machines for my town. Throw and grow. Yes.


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  1. anne roy

    I think this is a wonderful idea. Maybe start with donations and giving out bombs at rotary, Kiwanis, etc.

    Would be happy to help with this!

  2. Jessica

    After reading the previous post about seed bombs we did this with our home school group with great success! The kids were so excited – thanks for sharing the idea!