For DIY Thursday, we share instructions for the Eyelet Doily, from Alabama Studio Style. Start yours now for your July 4th table spread.

We chose Apple organic cotton jersey fabric for our doily. The “petals” of the doily peek out underneath a serving platter or cake plate, leaving the decorative embroidered eyelets visible. Our favorite colors for the 4th of July are Apple, Natural, and Navy, of course.

We also have a DIY Eyelet Doily Kit in our Studio Store. It comes in your choice of fabric color with all materials and notions needed for completion. The size measures approximately 15 1/2.”

Add your own plate and recipe.


Pattern paper (see page 14 of Alabama Studio Style): one 11 ½” circle drawn on a 12” square, for doily center (use compass or dinner plate as guide): one 2” x 3” rectangle, for doily petals
1 yard of 60”-wide 100% organic medium-weight cotton jersey
Paper scissors
Garment scissors
Embroidery scissors
Rotary cutter and cutting mat
Tailor’s chalk or disappearing-ink fabric pen
Hand-sewing needle
Button Craft thread
Embroidery floss in two colors

1. Label Patterns

In the circle drawn on the pattern-paper square, draw a straight line parallel to one side of the square, and label this line “Grain Line” and the entire pattern piece “Doily Center.”

For the Doily Petal pattern, trace the pattern at right on the 2” x 3” rectangle of pattern paper, and draw a straight line down the center of the pattern parallel to one long side of the rectangle. Label this line “Grain Line” and the entire pattern piece “Doily Petal,” and cut out the pattern with your paper scissors.

2. Cut Out Doily Center and Petals

Each doily center is made from two layers of cotton jersey. To cut the two pieces needed for your doily center, layer and align two pieces of cotton jersey right side up. Make sure that the grain line (see page 11 of Alabama Studio Style) on each layer runs in the same direction. Then position your Doily Center pattern on the two fabric layers so that fabrics’ and pattern’s grain lines likewise run in the same direction.

Using tailor’s chalk, trace around the pattern’s edges. Then remove the pattern, and cut out two pieces at once, using your rotary cutter and cutting mat, and making sure to cut in a smooth line just inside the chalked lines so that you remove it entirely. You now have two doily centers.

Each of your 18 doily petals is also made from two layers of fabric. Download your Doily petal pattern here, which is to scale.  Using your Doily Petal pattern, repeat the cutting process above to cut a total of 36 doily petals.

3. Pin Doily Petals Together and Sew Edges

Align each doily petal’s top and backing layers, right sides up, and pin the two layers together. Using a straight stitch (see page 22 of Alabama Studio Style), begin stitching the pinned pieces together ½” from the raw edges, starting at the top straight edge of the doily petal and stitching around the curve (you do not need to stitch across straight edge).

Wrap-stitch (see page 29 of Alabama Studio Style) the beginning and end of the seam to secure it. As you sew, make sure to check your thread tension so the fabric lies flat before you tie off the thread at the end of your seam. Repeat process for remaining 17 doily petals.

4. Add Eyelet Embroidery to Doily Petals

Using two strands of embroidery floss doubled (to make four strands) and following the instructions on page 62 of Alabama Studio Style, add eyelet embroidery to each of the 18 doily petals.

5. Construct Doily

Lay the bottom doily center right side down; then position and pin the 18 doily petals around the circumference of the bottom circle, overlapping its edge by ½”. Lay the top doily center, right side up, over the bottom doily center, and pin it in place, re-pinning the petals as you pin the top so that all pins are on the top layer. Using a straight stitch, being stitching around the circumference of the doily, ¼” from the raw edges (see Illustration below). As you sew, make sure to check your thread tension so the fabric lies flat before you tie off at the end of your seam. Stitch around the entire circumference, securing each petal between the two layers of the center.

6. Add Eyelet Embroidery to Doily Center

After constructing your doily, use two strands of embroidery floss doubled and add eyelet embroidery to the doily center. Add as much or little embroidery as you like.

P.S.: Pictured above with our Eyelet Doily is our Center Stripe Tablecloth in White and Navy, Heath Rim Line Dinner Plate in White with Savory Star Biscuits, Colorblock Napkins, and Large Covered Serving Dish by Heath Ceramics with Roasted Pork Loin.


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