As we move towards Independence Day, we’d like to highlight some companies who are making great things in the United States. We encourage you to share with us any companies we should look to for ‘Made in America’ excellence and quality.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of purchasing domestically and shopping locally. We must support the businesses and companies who strive for excellence in craft and manufacturing, those who provide fair wages and proper working conditions for their employees, and companies who take pride in their products.

These are types of companies that, at one point in time, were abundant in my North Alabama manufacturing community.

I frequent A Continuous Lean, and am always moved by the beautiful images and stories. A recent post about Huge, a Japanese magazine whose June issue focuses on products and manufacturing here in America, is beautifully inspiring. Huge shares with readers some companies doing great things.

One featured company is Archival Clothing, whose manufacturing is based in Oregon. They make an array of stylish bags, varying in size and function. Their company values resonated strongly with our team at Alabama Chanin, as they believe, “Perhaps over time, our efforts will help to stimulate the domestic market and encourage US manufacturers to expand their offerings. We hope you will help us with that. We stand behind all of our products, the ones we make and the ones we offer in our store.”

Other finds that are made in the USA include hand-stitched bags and leather goods from Wood & Faulk. Matt Pierce, the builder, designer, and visionary  behind Wood & Faulk, shares beautifully photographed DIY projects on his online journal, taking us through the making process step-by-step.

I would love to have one of Stanley & Sons leather lap aprons to wear while doing some work around the house and yard. Absolute beauty. Stanley & Sons hand-make their products to order in Brooklyn, NY. “This production process makes it possible to give closer attention to the details and construction that is important when crafting a product built to last.”

The Summer 2012 issue of Refueled Magazine features ‘styled heritage’ and reflects on the American dream- including focus on USA Handmade goods, BillyKirk’s  leather hats, bags, and belts, and Strawfoot’s lovely waxed canvas totes.

Matt Edmensen of Imogene + Willie, who was featured in our MakeShift pop-up shop at Billy Reid in New York, speaks on their jeans in an interview with Refueled, ”We honor an age-old tradition: our jeans are made in America, by Americans. What we can’t sew in-house we outsource to other makers in Small Town, USA. We all take a lot of pride in our brand and quality is job one.”

Another Nashville-based designer, Otis James, was Winner of the Fashion Category for Garden&Gun’s Made in the South Awards in 2011. James designs and hand-crafts bowties, neckties, and caps in his Nashville studio.

Above is just a sampling of the many, many designers, artisans, crafters, companies, and manufacturers that are making in the United States.

Tell us your favorites and check back for more Made in America until July 4th.

P.S.: The ‘Made in the USA’ prints featured in the first image are those of Amos Paul Kennedy Jr., friend and letterpress-artist from Gordo, Alabama.

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  1. Ina

    … pad and quill in Minneapolis make the most gorgeous moleskine inspired cases for the electronic gadgets … iPhone … iPads … readers … MacBooks … and even a mini ne for the iPod nano … handmade beautifully made … http://www.padand … cheers … Ina and Pokey

    p.s. … Natalie … would some of the photo from makeshift be available for viewing … the great Saturday afternoon of chair making?!!!

    1. Kerry

      Thanks for this post! I love seeing companies bring all the pieces together and be successful: beautiful, thoughtful design; high quality and craft; and American made! These companies are proof that it can be done right here in the States!

  2. Julie B

    One of my favorites is Quince and Co. They produce beautiful yarn from wool sourced and spun in the US , in an old mill that was saved from the wrecking ball, so they have a great story, too. The fibers they can’t obtain domestically they carefully select from producers who use humane and sustainable methods for raising their animals/plants. They have lovely patterns, too.

  3. Catherine Green

    I commend and recommend Soft Star, a family owned shoe company in Corvallis Oregon. I’ve been running in a pair of their beautifully made Dash Run Amocs for 2 months now and love them. No more expensive than many brands made offshore and made with vegetable tanned leather. Also a shoutout to North Carolina’s own Raleigh Denim- -started on a shoe string by a young couple, now featured in Barney’s in Mew York.

  4. cathy pendleton

    ….Forgot another favorite…

    Very artistic, handmade jewerly in California…she is also an animal activist and donates proceeds of her earnings to animals in need everywhere- I love that.

    I am such a believer in buying American made products. Having an Amercian made business myself, I realize the vital importance…which extends much further than helping to support my own home. Who are we as a country, if not self-sufficient….

  5. Karen Guerra

    I want to buy American, but didn’t know where to start. You’ve given me some places to start. Please give us more resources to Buy American!

    1. Gina

      I would like to share my Made in America company with you all as well. We are zkano organic cotton socks, Made in Fort Payne, Alabama. We’re a small family owned + operated business in Northeast Alabama, and we’ve been manufacturing socks here since 1991. I love this post, it’s always great to hear from folks who are passionate about Made in USA as well!

  6. Cigdem

    I would also like to share my Made in America company. Cibado is a small woman owned leather goods business in Carbondale, Colorado. I design & sew, by hand, American Buffalo Leather into one-of-a-kind bags incorporating antique horse tack & hardware that I source from our local farmers and ranchers. Made to Last. Take a look @
    Thank you Natalie Chanin & Alabama Chanin..have been inspred by you for years!!

  7. AmiraRugs

    A great company that has made rugs in America (since 1917!) is Capel Rugs. They make all of their braided rugs in Troy, North Carolina, and they have some wonderful new collections that aren’t so old-fashioned looking as your typical braided rugs. I grew up in South Georgia and I remember all the textile mills there slowly closing down throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Carters used to make some of their children’s clothing in Edison, Georgia, and that closed down in the last 15 years. It’s sad to see all these small towns losing pretty well-paid manufacturing jobs. I really love Capel as a company, and urge ya’ll to support it! 🙂