Just when I think that it can’t get any better, it does. A weekend in the mountains was what I needed and it’s the first time in ages that I meet Monday morning feeling rested, relaxed (beyond measure), and balanced. The highlight of my weekend was certainly a swim in the North Toe River: icy cold waters, a gentle rain, friends, a series of rapids, warmer pools of water carved into the rocks. I often forget how MUCH I NEED to be outside.

While I swam, my studio continued their adventures in stenciling and sewing.

It has been beautiful to see how they have all bonded, crafting friendships in the midst of crafts.

I love the work that is emerging.

The piece below says so much to me. One simple stitch, developed in three different ways. I love the transformation across the width of the piece. I am learning as much as in this studio as anyone.

Thank you again to all of our studio members for allowing me to share their work here…

6 comments on “(PROGRESS) REPORT FROM PENLAND – 7/16/12, MONDAY

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  1. Martha

    I am so impressed by how smooth the stencil cuts are! When I do it, they are so raggedy, it’s very frustrating. Is there a secret? (Other than a sharp exacto knife and a steady hand?) I love the daily reports from Penland — thank you, Natalie, and all the participants.

  2. Kathryn

    Such beautiful creations! Really digging those circles… The skirt I’m working on is about to morph- again!

  3. Patricia Walters

    I am so envious of your students at Penland. I hope you plan to teach again next summer. Pretty please to you and Penland.