Even when I land in one of the most beautiful (peaceful) places on Earth, it takes me time to settle in, to relax, and to feel like I belong. Regardless, there is already a sort of “hum” in the studio, as my friend Cathy Bailey might say.  You can “hear” thoughts coming together, the whisper of thread through fabric, and hands moving, all mingled with an underlying buzz that permeates the Penland campus.

Yesterday, our group came together and began our work. There were talks of the Physics of Sewing, the beginnings of pattern designs, material explorations, and just a general settling in.  Everyone is peaceful and there is a deep sense of focus.

I don’t think that we know where we are going; however, we do all need that place to start, or perhaps just a place to jump from.

I saw a post on a friend’s Facebook page recently that asked “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

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  1. Linda Gerig

    Love your blog . And your books. Have been enjoying videos. Now to make something from books. Linda gerig

  2. dee clements

    I believe my friend (and core student) Zee Boudreaux is in your class this session, Natalie. He is a very talented textile artist and very dedicated to the precision and integrity of his work–which is something I admire. Although my 8 week residency at Penland in the spring earlier this year was not very dreamy and cut short, I miss the pals I made there, Zee being one of them. Much love, Dee Clements