It is so easy to sing the praises of Anna Maria Horner. Our frequent readers know that she has appeared on our blog before and is a friend and inspiration to Alabama Chanin. I adore her personality, a perfect mixture of sweet, sincere charm and biting wit. Her joy for life is irresistible and her prolific work is astounding.

Anna Maria is a designer of beautiful, bright fabrics, along with a host of other accessories, sewing books, and patterns. Her designs feature numerous, delicate flowers, creative shapes, and intertwining lines. In her collections, color is not a foreign concept and patterns are for mix + match. Over the years, she has partnered with more than two dozen manufacturers to design home-wares, gift items, textiles + much more. She is even the new face of Janome, a leader in sewing technology.

And as if that’s not enough, Anna Maria is mother to six and wife to Jeff. Reading her blog, you will be impressed by the incredible balance in her life between her passions of work and family. I often find myself wondering, “How does she do it?”  In fact, I have been lucky enough over the years to be able to call (or visit) her from time to time and ask just that.  But for now, I’m happy to simply bask in the beauty of her person and her designs.

With this post, we are thrilled to announce our recent (and growing) collaboration with Anna Maria. We have developed two new Alabama Chanin stencils from her fabric design called “Little Folk.” These patterns will begin to appear in a few items in the upcoming weeks, and will be featured more prominently in our new fall collections. We love these new designs and are already looking forward to future collaborations with Anna Maria.


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    1. Alabama Post author

      Lee Ann,
      We plan to have the stencils available for purchase on the website in a few months. We will keep everyone posted and let you know when they do become available.


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