With another Studio Weekend under our belt, we are happy to begin the work week with new friends, ideas, and projects.

Sharing, kindness, skill, and connection are words that come to mind when thinking back on the past few days. Oh, and we can’t forget laughter (along with delicious food)– there was plenty of that. One of our participants put it like this, “I haven’t had this much fun with a group of girls since Girl Scouts.”

We share the same sentiment.

“This weekend has been so enjoyable because mainly of the spirit of the other women – they love fabric and stitching as much as I do.”

“Natalie and her staff could not have been nicer and more helpful. The food we ate together was great. I enjoyed working with all the other students and making friends with everyone. All in all, a memorable, awesome weekend.”

“Every person I met here has the light in their eyes, and personality, kindness and a certain skill set that I saw contributed – in action.”

“You have ignited more creative juices, more ideas that there may not be a lifetime to fulfill.”

Check for upcoming dates.

We hope to see you at the sewing table.


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  1. Claudia

    I have to concur with all the comments above. The weekend was amazing, exceeding my expectations. There’s nothing quite like having someone actually explain and then demonstrate a technique. I can read instructions over and over again, but the things I learned (not just about sewing, but about community, sustainability, and more) over the weekend could only have come from first-hand experience. One of the things I loved the most was the way this confirmed my belief that sewing (and creating) is not an isolated activity but part of a life.

    And yes, the food was rockin’. The grits! Oh yeah!

  2. Brenda Marks

    What is in those canning jars? My guess is some sort of cheesecake delight. It looks so yummy! And I love seeing pictures from workshops.

  3. Cathy Smith

    I want to thank Natalie and her amazing staff and all of the participants at the weekend workshop for a weekend I will never forget. It was everything Natalie promised us and more. What an amazing group of people to spend time with and learn so much from. An extraordinary time!

    1. Cassandra

      If I was living in the same continent let the alone the same state, I’d booking one of these weekends in a shot – they look (and feel) like an amazing experience.

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