Sent: Monday, September 03, 2012 6:47 AM
Subject: Dayum (Georgia word for Damn) Rain

The rain and storms yesterday evening continued to send rain until this morning.  About 5:00 am the rain was coming in waves and it sounded like the ocean.  It is odd to me that Mother Nature that gives us so much beauty,  can wave her hand and destroy so much.   Anyway,  I’ll be taking a row boat to check our little cotton field as soon as I get some coffee.  Yesterday I was picking the beautiful first bolls that have opened on each plant.  It was so light and fluffy and gorgeous.

This morning the words “as soon as it rains on the open bolls they start to deteriorate” are causing my head and my heart to ache.  In review,  lets us all remember that the little cotton field was planted May 10 and got one light rain 3 days later and then the 6 week record breaking drought in Alabama began.  The cotton struggled to grow and survive without a drop of water for 6 weeks. In the final days suddenly one night it rained 6 inches and flooded creeks in the area and roadways.  The rain brought forth giant weeds but it brought the cotton from knee high and shriveled to waist high and loaded with bolls!  Now we are faced with the fact that cotton doesn’t open out all at once.

The first blooms on the lowest branch are the first bolls to open, and then the next level (node) of branches will have their bolls open and then the next and so on.  The first bolls are the ones that receive the most nutrients and are the best.  The top of the plants have blooms that will probably be killed by frost before they ever open into cotton.  People who picked cotton always picked a field twice.  The large machinery that harvests cotton picks once and leaves a tremendous amount on the ground.

Coffee is ready;  I’ll shut up now.  I’ll keep you posted,

Love always,
(Poet Laureate of Cotton)

P.S.: At least there were no tornadoes and everyone is okay despite the strong storms.  Keep your fingers crossed for our little field. More on the Official Picking Party coming this week. xoNatalie

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Sent: Saturday, September 01, 2012 3:10 PM
Subject: More Cotton Angels – Saturday Afternoon


This morning at 7:30 am I met Edward from Huntsville who came to help in the cotton field.  He was a very hard worker and very kindhearted and polite.  I enjoyed talking with him so much.  I told him to contact you with his mailing information.  I sent a phone photo with his name to Natalie this morning.  This afternoon we had three more cotton angels,  I am attaching photos.  Gary and Linda of Trinity, and Brooks of Decatur.

They were very kind and worked for a long while in the afternoon heat.  They have watched the little cotton field from the time it was planted back in May and seen the progress it has made.  I hope they will contact you with their mailing info so that they can come to the picking party.  They are very special to me.

Love always,
(Poet Laureate of Cotton)

*Top image of weather map from*Image of our cotton angels from Lisa
*Image of cotton plant from Drop Metal

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  1. Paula

    Lisa, (Poet Laureate of Cotton). Indeed! Always a pleasure to read these posts. Anticipating a photo of a row boat heaped with cotton and Our Lady of Cotton at the helm. Pleased to hear everyone is safe.