In the style of “old-school” Alabama Chanin – and perfect for holiday gifts – make our Sister Shirts using mirror-image or mix-and-match sections of your favorite t-shirts. Follow the instructions for our Printed T-shirt Corset on page 155 of Alabama Stitch Book to complete the project.

From the project introduction:

Follow the instructions as given but prepare pattern pieces for two printed T-shirt corsets. Instead of using one of the T-shirts for the whole corset, mix and match by swapping out, for example the center front panel from one of the t-shirts into the center panel of the other. Do the same with the back panels. Ultimately, you will create two shirts that are nearly alike except for the transposed panels.

In the corset tops above, we traded out the Center Back and Middle Front pattern pieces. Leave edges raw and seams floating.


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  1. Anna

    Does the size of the T-shirt matter? Such as if I am wanting to make a Medium corset t-shirt do I need to use a size medium or larger?

    1. Alabama Post author

      It really depends on what kind of t-shirt you are using: women’s or men’s. The only way to truly test a t-shirt for size is to lay out the pattern pieces. As a general rule, those women’s “baby t’s” aren’t big enough. Just about any men’s shirt will be large enough. Make sense?

      Natalie and all of us @ Alabama Chanin