We can’t thank everyone enough for coming out to the field on Saturday to help pick (and celebrate) our organic cotton. The skies were blue; the fields were alive with eager hands; we were standing in high cotton.

Back Forty Beer and Mountain Valley Spring Water quenched our thirst.

The Overall Company cooled us with delicious pops.

Jim ‘N Nick’s provided the best barbeque spread I have ever eaten. Stay tuned for more…

Shelly Colvin, Bryn Davies (on Bass), and Gibb Droll (on Guitar) serenaded while children danced.

We received this email from Lisa on Sunday evening:

Tomorrow morning, all the cotton from our bedroom, garage, laundry room, and closet will be loaded up along with the cotton that was picked yesterday and will be delivered to the Gin in Florence! The cotton will be loaded on the train at Trinity and should arrive at the depot in Florence by noon…. O.K., really the cotton will all fit in my Honda Element, but this is my dayum story and I like trains. The field was alive yesterday with volunteers who came to pick and the weather was perfection with blue skies and bright sunshine. Everyone was in high spirits to see how well the cotton has matured and the yield for this little 6 acre field could be amazing if it all could be picked. Let the history books record that, although small, this load of cotton headed for Florence tomorrow is a shining example of what mother nature can do without any chemicals, no fertilizer, no weed killer, no insecticide. If people will give some consideration to being kinder to the earth and the environment, imagine the possibilities for the health and welfare of all living things. Sleep well tonight, and thank you Natalie, Erin, Sarah, K.P. and Katy for such an amazing experience and for such sweet memories that Jimmy and I will always cherish.

Love to each of you,


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  2. Angela

    It looks like an amazing day with an amazing message! Thank you for doing what you do! You will continue to inspire and maybe one day there will be enough people running their business like you. Hopefully for the earth’s sake…

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  4. Arlene Wanetick

    A beautiful film about a beautiful day that resulted from the dream and commitment of a beautiful woman. Congrats Natalie, and I love how you transform work into a celebration of life and love, friends and family. Such an inspiration.

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