For November, we’re featuring the Couching technique as our Desktop of the Month. Couching lends substantial weight and warmth to any garment. The final days of October brought quite a chill to Alabama, perfect weather for my favorite couched coat. I love pulling out my coats for the first time of the season; a sure-fire signal fall has arrived and the holidays are just around the corner.

We hope you have a cold-weather favorite you reach for year after year. Or, if it’s time to start working on a new favorite, you might consider making your own coat and embellishing with the Couching technique. The Alabama Chanin version of the technique is featured on page 110 of Alabama Studio Sewing + Design and shows several variations to work using beads or cotton yarn with a parallel whipstitch.




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  1. Liza Wood

    I am thinking about making a couched knee length coat but am confused on two things – 1. is it 2 layers of fabric stenciled and cut out and then couched? or is it appliqued and couched? still two layers?
    2. how do i figure how much fabric is needed to make the couching material?
    How much fabric and couching material did you use on your coat?

    1. Alabama Post author

      Liza, to answer your questions,
      1. It is two layers of our medium weight jersey, cut out, stenciled and then couched.
      2. You will need roughly two yards of fabric cut into 1/2 inch stripes (cut along the grain), you should have enough left over to get enough 1 1/4 inch ribbing to go around the bottom of the coat as well as the sleeves.

      Happy Stitching