We often hear that you have to see an Alabama Chanin garment in person to really appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship that goes into every piece. We sincerely believe that our upcoming website is the next best thing.

As our brand continues to grow, and our interests and projects become more diverse, we rely more and more on as a way to showcase our endeavors, share our experiences, and interact with a community that is constantly expanding.

This is a place to share our life at the Factory, or at least a sampling of it: Workshops, DIY craft, custom couture garments, cotton farming, upcycling developments, Thursday potlucks, visiting artists, and the list goes on. We wanted a site that would reflect all of the things that we are – and all of the things that you, our customers, are. We wanted a meeting place that is both welcoming and engaging and, of course, easy to use, because we know first-hand that when you have so much going on in one place, things can be a little difficult to navigate.

Our team has spent countless hours dreaming of a way to bring our studio to yours and we’ve spent the last eight months working with the wonderful Hugo + Marie to make that vision a reality.

Our team and collection will continue to travel, we will continue to add more workshops as the demand keeps growing, and we sincerely hope that all of our friends and supporters will have a chance to visit us on the road or here in beautiful Alabama.

We are very proud to announce the launch of the new coming next Friday. (“Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise,” as my Grandmother would say.)

Stay tuned…

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  1. Oami

    Congratulations! Having just recently done a much more modest website revamp, I know how much goes into the planning and execution. Can’t wait to see the results.