I have been somewhat of an herbalist since I was a small child.  Plant names and properties have always come as second nature.  While I struggle with the names and faces of people (sometimes people I have just met can go undistinguished an hour later), I have a recall for plants that sometimes baffles. It is almost like I have a memory older than myself when it comes to leaves and weeds.

Like Juliette of the Herbs (see the clip at the bottom of this post), I have planted many a garden—across the globe—and while each garden has its own story, every garden I planted has included rosemary.  After a brief “settling in period,” this elegant (and evergreen) shrub grows tall and wide in the Alabama climate. There is an Old Wives’ Tale about perennial plants: “The first year it sleeps, the second year it creeps, the third year it leaps.” It’s true. I have two rosemary shrubs in my home that I took as small diggings from the garden of my last house—our old production office at Lovelace Crossroads. Five years later, those bushes thrive and have spiced many a lunch, dinner, and, yes, cocktail. Come back this afternoon for our Rosemary Infused Vodka recipe .

The wreath shown above makes a perfect gift when paired with a bottle of Rosemary Infused Vodka or homemade savory biscuits. It can be used through the holiday season and afterwards, the leaves can be dried and stored in a clean mason jar to use for soups and herbed olive oil.

The third in our wreath series, the wreath pictured above measures 12″ in diameter with the wreath core approximately 3″ inches wide and smells delicious.



10-15 springs fresh rosemary (My rosemary shrubs have been planted for a few years and produce springs up to 2′ in length.)
8 Cotton Jersey Pulls, at approximately 4′ long
9 Cotton Jersey Pulls, cut to approximately 9″ lengths

Grasp a handful of 3-4 rosemary sprigs. Lash together with a 9″ Cotton Jersey Pull and tie with the knots facing outward.

Build onto your wreath by adding rosemary springs and securing together with the pulls every 2-3″ inches. Shape and form the sprigs into a circle as you work.

Bundle 7 pulls together and fold to create a bow shape, tie the folded pulls together and secure to the wreath base with a 9″ pull.

P.S.: Watch this lovely clip from Juliette of the Herbs about the benefits of rosemary (among other things):

Thank you to Jennifer Venditti for my copy of Juliette.

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  1. Marty

    Perfectly timed post! I have one huge rosemary bush and three half that size. If I trim the big one back so the others don’t look so tiny, I can’t use that much in my cooking. But a wreath – yes! Thank you!