As I mentioned earlier in the week, I live in a house where hearts can be the overriding theme for weeks on end.  I find them tucked under plates, randomly lying on the floor, taped to my bedroom door, and, yes, the most beautiful little heart-shaped lips that kiss my face all-over.  You haven’t truly lived a Valentine’s Day until you live it with a six-year-old-girl.  Forget Hallmark (the modern day creator of Valentine’s Day), the sweetness in-and-around our home makes this hallowed institution look like a 1980’s punk gathering in a dead-end alley.

So, when in Rome… You need a dress to celebrate this favorite of all six-year-old holidays in its crowning glory – hence, A Dress of Hearts.


All the instructions for this dress, along with the garment pattern, are available in Alabama Studio Style. Or you can purchase a Custom DIY Kit, ready to sew, from our online store.

I will be wearing my DRESS OF HEARTS proudly to the tea party of stuffed animals and little girls that Maggie has planned (aside from many other events). Look to see this dress in constant rotation as we set out upon our 2013 adventures.


Garment – Camisole Dress from Alabama Studio Style
Fabric weight – Alabama Chanin 100% organic medium-weight cotton jersey
Fabric color outer-layer– Dark Grey
Fabric color inner-layer– Light Pink
Stencil – Hearts
Embroidery technique – Backstitch reverse appliqué; Cretan stitch used for neckline and armholes – both instructions available in Alabama Studio Style
Fabric paint – Cream
Button Craft thread for construction– Coats & Clark Colors #126 (Red)
Embroidery floss – Light Pink
Seams – Inside Felled

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  1. Sherry

    Happiness is getting a Happy Valentine’s Day — I love you text from your 43 yr old daughter. May your daughter still send you Valentine’s messages when she is 43.