Follow instructions for the Woven Farm Chairs (or Friendship Chairs) on page 95 of Alabama Studio Style to make your own chair with our Hearts stencil.


From page 95, Alabama Studio Style:

While on an extended visit to my home in Florence, my dear friend and colleague Eva Whitechapel spotted a few old chairs with broken seats and decided to repair them using cotton-jersey pulls made from fabric scraps. Later, my partner, folk artist Butch Antony, expanded upon Eva’s idea, reweaving the seats and also decorating the chairs in different ways, such as painting, stenciling, or carving inspiration words and sayings or important dates into the wood. And now they are a part of our home collection.  Because two friends brought this project to life, I like to call these Friendship chairs.


This Heart Chair was the very first chair made by my friend Eva.  Found on my Grandfather Perk’s back porch, the chair is a much loved part of my family and home today. The chair seat was stenciled using our Hearts pattern with dark red spray paint while the back was woven with white cotton jersey pulls.

Pull, weave, and sit.

P.S.: Read about our Makeshift 2012 Chair Workshop at Partners & Spade and start a conversation in your own community.

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