I received this gorgeous package from friend and maker Kata Golda a few days ago. My daughter Maggie snatched the contents up and they have been in her school backpack every day since.

Kata makes a menagerie of amazing little creatures with hand-dyed wool felt and hand stitching. They are simple, colorful constructions that embody Kata’s warm spirit and whimsy – like Alabama Chanin, she has a zero waste philosophy, using every piece of fabric and working with recycled and non-toxic materials when possible, while upholding the same standards in day-to-day life.


(Thank you again Kata.) Kata Golda’s Hand-Stitched Felt  book is a beautiful addition to the hand-stitcher’s library.



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  1. Liana

    Oh, I love it! I have been lucky enough to receive a couple of packages from Kata Golda over the years, and every little detail is always so amazing. Glad to hear your daughter loves the creatures so much!

  2. Laura

    Thanks adorable, but the packages I receive from Alabama Chanin are by far the most thrilling to open. From the stenciled box, natural colored tissue, and the jersey rope and tag I keep all of it to reuse for gift giving. It’s the icing on the cake
    ; ) I love it