My friend Kay and I started giving one another socks for each holiday several years ago. Although this may bring back memories of dreaded Christmas gifts from years past (not socks again!), I find the gift of socks a very practical thing. It’s just not one of those things that I go out and purchase for myself on a regular basis—but, anyone who has had to show their threadbare socks in public understands that such a reveal can cause major embarrassment. Think back to that cliché, “Always wear clean underwear because you never know where you will find yourself.”

Zkano Knee Socks

So, Kay and I once found ourselves side-by-side in the airport check-in, both wearing less than savory socks. Looking down at one another’s feet, we started to laugh—imagine the contrast of hole-ridden socks sticking out from below a beautiful hand-embroidered skirt.  Hence the start of a ritual: birthday socks, Halloween socks, Yuletide socks, just plain old happy-to-visit with you socks.

Which brings me to Zkano (pronounced za-kanno). A few months ago, another Alabama Chanin friend introduced us to Gina Locklear from Zkano and an immediate friendship ensued (not to mention the fact that she brought me a whole BAG of organic socks). I have been wearing them ever since and Zkano are the best socks I have ever owned. Period. And the best part: made in America with organic cotton. The next best part: Zkano is striving to use US grown cotton—just like Alabama Chanin. It is a sustainable partnership made in heaven.

Zkano Color Block Socks

We are working on a Zkano/Alabama Chanin collaboration; however, in the meantime, you can get a great range of their socks from our online store.

Zkano Cable Knit Socks

The funniest part: two days after we sealed the collaboration deal, my friend Kay showed up at the studio with two pairs of Zkano socks she had gotten for me at Whole Foods. Great minds think alike. (Thank you Kay.)

Zkano DIY Embroidery Detail

P.S. For a simple DIY project, customize your socks with embroidery stitches. Alabama Studio Sewing + Design and Elegant Stitches feature a wide selection of stitches. We chose the herringbone stitch in White and Pistachio embroidery floss on Zkano’s Grey Thigh High Socks. 


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  1. SJF

    I asked for socks for Christmas… My 6 year old read the first Harry Potter book last year and came to me because she didn’t believe Dumbledore’s claim that when he looks into the Mirror of Erisid (which shows one’s deepest heart’s desire) he sees himself receiving socks for Christmas. I replied that while it is possible that Dumbledore was fibbing (as he is wont to), I myself would love to get socks for Christmas. Now my daughter thought I was fibbing. So over the next few months I told everyone who brought up Christmas in front of my daughter and me that I wanted socks this year. Later, my mother asked me privately what I wanted and I admitted that while I would love the new iPod Touch, I really needed socks. My mother, who has been buying me clothes that I don’t necessarily want and/or need for Christmas for nearly 4 decades bought me… an iPhone. I was thrilled with the extravagant gift, but as the day wore on and I didn’t receive a single sock (or even better, a pair) from anyone I was just a little disappointed. So thank you for this post and I look forward to buying myself some of these gorgeous Zkano socks and next year filling my own stocking with, well, stockings.

  2. Nina

    A year or two ago I discovered Teko organic merino wool socks, and although they’re not pretty like the Zkano socks, I’d happily receive them as gifts! Thanks for bringing Zkano to my attention too.

  3. Jen

    Great story! We in the north love our wool socks, and with costs rising, they are always an appreciated gift in our family. Thanks for the hint to check out the local Whole foods, and the idea to take the plainer ones and make them beautiful.

  4. Ryan

    Socks are a great gift. I’ve been knitting my Dad socks for years. I gave him a hand knit pair about 5 years ago, and now that is all he wants for every birthday and Christmas.

  5. Susann Dalton

    The first time you sold these socks, I got a pair. After many years, yes many years, I still wear them. The toes are showing the slightest sign of wear, yes slight. It made what seemed pricy at the time until I wore them now seems like the best bargain ever. I now have many pairs and saying Little River Sock Mill always makes me smile inside and out. They also really support my feet. I could go on like the time I was in the emergency room waiting for results and a women looking grey and unhappy loved my socks. I sold her verbally new socks and she made her daughter google the company as she wanted some as soon as possible. In short, I love socks. She actually started smiling and not so grim. But more than any other socks, Zkanos are the ones I actually love. I just need more solid choices.
    Sincerely in the strongest of terms yours,
    Susann Dalton