I am a child of the 1960s…no way around it. And, while denim has been around since 1860’s-era France, the decades of the 60’s and 70’s jump to my mind when I think of this fabric. That era also makes me think of all the controversy around the American Flag and its use as a symbol on both sides of divisive matters like segregation, the Vietnam War, and other social issues. Images of Abbie Hoffman, clad in his American Flag button-up shirt, alongside flags made entirely of cut-up old blue jeans come to mind. Like I said, a child of the 60’s.

We recently received a comment, referring us to the United States Flag Code, suggesting that our American Flag Quilt doesn’t adhere strictly to the advisory rules. I want it to be clear that I love my home and our flag—that symbol of home. The Alabama Chanin representation of the American flag is made by stitching together disparate pieces to create a beautiful, larger whole. We take care with every small scrap of fabric, embroidering each stenciled piece so that when inspected up close, you can see the detail involved; each small piece painted with a different stencil; stitched using a different technique; each technique modified to highlight the possible variations; all somehow fitting together…much like our country.

INDIGO FLAG QUILT - photograph by Robert Rausch

INDIGO FLAG QUILT - photograph by Robert Rausch

The Flag Quilt is made with 100% organic cotton medium-weight fabric and constructed using techniques from our Alabama Studio Book Series.

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  1. Carol

    I looked back at the original flag & I never realized that each strip was appliqued. They are wonderful! Makes me want to start gathering cloth.

  2. Laureen

    I am stitching the original AC American flag quilt right now with an all white American flag kit waiting in the wings. I take a panel with me everywhere I go and it always stirs conversation, from hand sewing to manufacturing to cobbler recipes! I am honored to create such a lasting piece of beauty and pride with family and friends. When I “love the thread” on this project it’s with positive intentions for our country, our leaders, our military and our families–and a few rounds of ‘My Country ‘Tis of Thee’ or ‘You’re a Grand Old Flag’ thrown in! (It’s a lot of thread!)

    This indigo flag has taken my breath away, and something tells me it may be on my Christmas wish list!

    Thank you, Natalie! You rock!

  3. Denise

    I recently started a flag quilt using your flag quilt as inspiration. I decided to raid all the old tee shirts I’ve been saving for “something”. Unfortunately I did not have a large supply of red tees, so I am going to be looking a thrift stores or dying some of my white tees. When I first started I did not realize that all of the stripes are embroidered. I’m now thinking that I’ll embroider the red stripes and write words of freedom on the white stripes.