The Alabama Corset is one of our signature pieces and, over the years, has proven to be the perfect canvas for a wide variety of colorways and techniques. Shown here in Anna’s Garden reverse appliqué, the garment is created by joining two layers of fabric. The top layer is stenciled, then the maker stitches around each of the individual stenciled shapes with thread to create the pattern and join the two layers. After sewing, the inside top layer of each stitched shape is cut away to reveal the backing fabric underneath.

Using our Custom DIY options, you can choose every aspect of a reverse appliqué garment to fit your style and personality. For instance, you can go for a subtle, yet beautiful tone-on-tone approach, as we have shown here. Or, you may choose a high contrast option for your backing and top layers. The Corset shown above is just one example of how you might create your own garment. The technique can be applied to any garment or project and is equally beautiful with bold colors or other neutral tones. View the Custom DIY Guide for more information on your options.


Fabric weight – 100% organic medium-weight cotton jersey
Backing fabric color – Sand
Top layer color – Sand
Stencil – Anna’s Garden
Embroidery Technique – reverse appliqué (instructions available in Alabama Studio Sewing + Design)
Button Craft thread – Cream #256
Textile paint – White
Rib embroidery – Cretan stitch


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    1. Grace

      @ Nina – How much of a FBA do you need? I have a G cup myself and I’ve made one plain coreset top as is and I’m working on my first embellished one now. Since this garment is stretchy I don’t feel that a FBA is intirely necessary, but I may attempt a FBA next time as I think it could improve the fit. My idea would be: to slash all the front pieces across the bust level and spread them at center front by approximately 1/2″ and taper at the side seams, and then I would add a little bit of width at the princess seams over the bust curves(about 1/8 to each seam = 1/8×4 = 1/2″ increase per side = 1″ increase at the front). I would also raise the CF neckline atleast 1/2″ for a more modest bust coverage.