The Alabama Chanin Studio Style DIY selections are expanding with the addition of Men’s DIY items. Many of you have been asking for more men’s options and this is the first in a series of new DIY Kits that we will feature in our online store.

The Bee is one of the earliest stencils I created upon moving back home to begin the work that has become Alabama Chanin. At that time, I was newly-returned to the south after years abroad. Happy to be home, the rural setting inspired a series of animal designs: The Pig, The Steer, The Rooster, and the Eagle.

The t-shirt body is our ever-popular men’s classic; however, the style has been loved by both men and women alike for over a decade. We are now offering this t-shirt style as a DIY Kit for the first time. As always, you have the ability to embellish the shirt as much or as little as desired – whatever suits your taste (or the taste of the man in your life).

DIY MEN'S BEE T-SHIRT - Photos by Robert Rausch


Men’s DIY Bee T-Shirt Kit
Basic sewing supplies: embroidery scissors, pinsneedles, and Alabama Studio Sewing + Design.

Purchase a DIY Men’s Bee T-Shirt Kit from our online store, and follow the instructions for constructing the t-shirt, and for reverse appliqué in Alabama Studio Sewing + Design. We have found that shirts stitch up more neatly and evenly when the sleeves are sewn in and the shoulders are finished before you complete the side seams. This shirt works up quickly, so you or your intended recipient will be well-attired in no time.

DIY MEN'S BEE T-SHIRT - Photos by Robert Rausch


Fabric weight – 100% organic medium-weight cotton jersey
Fabric color top layer – Navy
Fabric color backing layer – Midnight
Textile paint color – Pearl Silver
Button Craft thread – Navy #13
Knots – Outside for design; inside for construction
Seams – Outside floating
Binding Stitch – Cretan

P.S.: Customize the Men’s T-Shirt with a different stencil, color options, and embroidery techniques through our Custom DIY page.

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  1. Nina

    This looks so cool and I think my boyfriend might actually wear it too! Do you have any plans to add the bee stencil design to your Resources page, or will it only be available in the kit?

    1. Alabama

      Hi Nina. Glad you like the shirt! Sadly, we will not be offering the Bee stencil on our resources page, only with the DIY kit, which comes ready to sew.

  2. Barb

    Pig stencil!!!! Oh! Please! My hubby loves all things swine, because as we all know, pigs are magical animals, able to take basically trash/waste and transform it in to delicious nourishing, sustaining food for the masses.

    -Barb, lover of all things swine.

  3. Nicole

    I’d love to make a Men’s T. Is the pattern for the Men’s t-shirt available without purchasing the full DIY kit? Is it in the Alabama Stitch Book? (I own the other two books but not that one!) Is it available any other way?

    1. Alabama

      Hi Nicole, unfortunately no, we do not offer the Men’s T-shirt pattern in any of the books. The already cut pieces for the pattern are available in the DIY kit, which comes ready to sew.