The Eagle T-Shirt is the second in a new series of Men’s DIY projects, designed in a style that is flattering to both men and women. The Eagle stencil has been in the Alabama Chanin library for several years now. We shared instructions on how to create the stencil and apply it to a basic recycled t-shirt in 2008. (Read more about that here). Since those early years, we’ve designed and created patterns for Alabama Chanin original t-shirts, which you can see on Natalie’s son, Zach, above.

The long sleeve t-shirt is made with our 100% organic cotton jersey and constructed with floating outside seams that add a nuanced detail, emphasizing the hand-stitched quality, though you can make your own design decisions.


DIY Men’s Eagle T-Shirt
Basic sewing supplies: embroidery scissors, pins, needles, Alabama Studio Sewing + Design

Follow Alabama Studio Sewing + Design for instructions on constructing the t-shirt and applying the reverse appliqué technique. We suggest sewing in the sleeves and shoulders seams before you complete the side seams, which should give your t-shirt an even finish and perfect fit.


Fabric weight – 100% organic medium-weight cotton jersey
Fabric color top layer – Black
Fabric color back layer – Light Grey
Textile paint color – Slate
Button Craft thread – Grey #26
Knots – outside for design, inside for construction
Seams – Outside Floating
Binding Stitch – Cretan

Visit our Custom DIY Page and choose a different stencil pattern and/or fabric colors.

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  1. Kate

    This tee is beautiful! I was thinking about making a tee for my son’s birthday (he will be 13), but I would like to start out making a basic tee – do you have patterns for men’s tees available anywhere – if they are in any of the books, I have missed them. Thanks :).

    1. Alabama Post author


      We currently do not have our men’s styles available as patterns- only as DIY or Custom DIY Kits. However, I feel certain that you can find men’s t-shirt styles through McCall’s or Vogue patterns. You can also start with a recycled base and work on that ready-made base.

      Let us know if you have any questions!
      Natalie and all of us @ Alabama Chanin

  2. Kate

    Thanks Natalie – I think I’ll just use one of his tees that he likes the fit of. I just saw this and appreciate the reply :).